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At Regenexx at New Regeneration Orthopedics, one of our Core Values is "Patient Above All Else"

In an effort to direct you to the correct person for assistance please refer to the directory below. Any of the extensions listed can be dialed as soon as the recording begins, you do not need to wait to be prompted.

Care Coordinators

For Sarasota Office:Laurie Cione941-779-1550 (Direct Line)
For St. Petersburg Office:Elly Walton727-201-5188 (Direct Line)
For Tampa Office / Care Coordinator Team Lead:Yessenia Sanchez813-549-3742 (Direct Line)
Our care coordinators are often with patients and may not be able to answer immediately. If there is a time-sensitive issue, or if you need assistance after normal business hours or on the weekend, please contact Kimberly Langlois. 941-462-2920 or at

Medical Team

Sarasota Office Team Lead:Stacey Hanley941-357-1773 ext
Tampa Medical Team Lead:Anariliz Morales813-544-3123 ext
St. Petersburg Office:Kyden Payne727-284-5250 ext
For questions related to PT Orders, Post-procedure complications, and Prescription status please contact the medical team for your clinic.


Sarasota Front Desk:941-357-1773 ext 200
Tampa Front Desk:813-544-3123 ext 300
St. Pete Front Desk:941-357-1773 ext 405
Fax (all locations):941-256-7452
Practice Manager:Kimberly
Admin Team Lead:Karen Brady813-544-3123 ext
Billing/Records:Alexis Gerber941-357-1773 ext
Regenexx Corporate Benefits:1-888-547-6667
AFTER HOURS MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Please call 941-357-1773 for Sarasota/St. Pete or 813-544-3123 for Tampa.

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