Are You a Regenexx Candidate?

If you are suffering from a joint injury, joint pain, joint stiffness / swelling, joint tenderness or the feeling a joint may “give out”, non-healing fracture, tendon or ligament injuries, or a degenerative condition such as arthritis or avascular necrosis, you may be a good candidate for these procedures.

Please complete the Procedure Candidate Form below and we will email you more information immediately after your form is received. For additional information, please see our notes below the form or feel free to call us at 941-357-1773 in Sarasota, or at 813-544-3123 in Tampa.


A note to our potential patients:

Dear patient,

Before we schedule a phone review with the doctor to determine if this procedure might be a good fit, it’s important that you know what factors determine the likelihood of having a successful outcome.

  • Prescription Medications: We have noted that some prescription medications can reduce stem cell growth and we believe the success of our stem cell procedure depends on robust stem cell growth. In particular, these medications may be problematic: blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, NSAID’s (like Motrin, Aleve, ibuprofen), steroid medications including oral , inhaled and eye drops. Other medications will have to be discussed on a case by case basis. Please discuss this with Dr. Leiber during your phone review. He will be able to guide you further. Medications seem to have less of an overall effect on our purely platelet based procedures (that is, without stem cells).
  • Excess Weight: We may ask that you attempt to decrease your weight prior to scheduling the procedure. This is best discussed with Dr. Leiber during your phone review.
  • Low activity levels: If you have no or little exercise then your ability to produce enough stem cells for the procedure may be impaired. As a result, if you’re in this activity category, we will council you to increase your activity levels.
  • Illness: Certain illnesses such as significant heart, lung, or auto immune diseases may have a negative impact on cell growth and outcome. However, stem cell treatment may still be an option – please discuss your particular situation during your phone review. Also, platelet based procedures may still be an option as well.
    Many of the factors above can be changed based on discussion with your family doctor.

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