3 MRI Findings that Matter and Why

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a common type of imaging that allows practitioners to visualize more than the bones, setting it apart from x-rays as more detailed and informative. In

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A Stretch A Day: To Beat Pain from Sitting at Work

The start-stop rhythm of the holiday season kicks off in October and it takes us through Halloween, and then quickly accelerates to Thanksgiving. Then, just as we are stuffed full

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A Stretch A Day: Core Strength

The core is quite aptly named as it is the core of the whole body. We generate power from our cores to create momentum through the shoulders, hips, arms and

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A Stretch A Day to Beat Neck Pain 

The Epidemic of Neck Pain  The demands technology puts on our bodies has turned into an epidemic termed Tech Neck. Tech Neck is the result of the ergonomics of holding

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A Stretch A Day to Beat Knee Pain

Knee Pain is Common Knee pain is one of the leading issues seen in orthopedic medicine. That raises the question, why is knee pain such a common issue? I often

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