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The Most Common Causes of Cartilage Loss

Oftentimes, patients ask us what they can do to improve their joint cartilage and prevent arthritis. Cartilage is a connective tissue that acts as a cushion between the bones to protect our joints by absorbing shock. The visual evidence of arthritis seen on imaging...

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Lumbar Spine Pain: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

In our practice, we view the body as one interconnected machine with each part working together in harmony. The lumbar spine is a crucial element of this machine. The hip, knee, ankle, and foot are all controlled by spinal nerves within the low back. A problem in the...

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Ryan Tannehill Turns to Stem Cells

George Town, Grand Cayman, December 11, 2018 – With an injury in the second quarter, Miami Dolphins’ quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, made a remarkable return in Sunday’s game against the Patriots. With only 7 seconds on the clock, Tannehill completed a pass that led to...

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