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This would need to be discussed directly with your Regenexx Tampa Bay physician,

If your clotting times are normalized by taking clotting factors, then there should be no problem performing the procedure.

We generally recommend that you stop these before the procedure. For example, if you take Coumadin, you need to have the OK of your prescribing doctor to come off this drug and an INR (blood clotting test) that is in the normal range before pursuing this procedure. If you take other blood thinners such as Plavix, you should be off this drug for 72 hours prior to the procedure. Your family doctor or cardiologist may also need to be consulted to ensure that it’s safe to come off of this medication. If you take a daily baby aspirin, then you need to come off this one week before the procedure. The specifics of your situation would be discussed with you at your evaluation with the Regenexx Tampa Bay physician.

Certain types of medications may negatively impact stem cells in various ways. In addition, we generally see that many prescription medications will reduce stem cell number.

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