Yes and No. Most insurances do not cover these procedures yet. However, there is a growing number of self-insured companies that are offering Regenexx as a covered benefit for its employees. Approximately 6 million people and counting across the U.S. have coverage as of 2019. Companies like marine Max, HCR Manorcare, Michael’s, Dillards, The Dioces of St Pete, John Deere, some McDonalds,  and many others now cover Regenexx procedures for their employees. Also, several Christian Health Cost Sharing plans cover it as well. See for more information. Outside of Regenexx and outside of these self-insured companies, PRP and stem cell injections rarely have insurance coverage at this time.  Health insurance plans will generally cover the initial evaluation. If your plan does, and we are part of your insurance carrier network, we will bill the carrier. If not, there will be a consultation fee for the initial face to face consult. We recommend that you contact your insurance carrier for more information about your specific coverage details.

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