What does it take to become a Regenexx Physician?

Regenexx Network Physician Training

There is a certain mystique that comes along with a feeling of exclusivity, right? Well, when you become a patient of the Regenexx at New Regeneration Orthopedics practice, we want you to feel the exclusivity and concierge nature of our clinic and processes. However, we want to eliminate any mystery around what you’re getting when it comes to procedures. In fact, every single one of our physicians in Tampa, St. Pete, Orlando and Sarasota have been highly trained in very specialized techniques and processes within the Regenexx Network Physician training. 

Nationally Recognized Medical Network 

Regenexx is a nationally-recognized physician network, meaning every single physician who is able to don the branded logo on their polo, sign, or practice brochure has gone through a specialized and rigorous training process. The training process is standardized for all physicians participating in the Regenexx network. 

Why does this matter? Consistency.

Because Regenexx is a nationally-recognized medical network, the training ensures that the procedure you would get in San Diego, California and St. Petersburg, Florida Regenexx practices would be very similar.

So, the question is: how is this consistency and standard of care achieved?

Acceptance into the Regenexx Network

For a Regenexx physician, the first step is to be accepted into the Regenexx network. The process of entering this prestigious network of providers is extremely selective. In fact, to illustrate the selective growth of this network, Dr. Ignatios Papas of Regenexx at New Regeneration Orthopedics wrote

When Regenexx began offering bone marrow concentrate procedures, which contain stem cells, in 2005, there was no one in the U.S. performing these procedures. In 2011, Regenexx began constructing a network of providers. Since then, there have been thousands of physician applications with only just over 100 being accepted.

The types of physicians who enter the Regenexx physician network are residency and/or fellowship-trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or Sports Medicine. The physicians that will be considered to enter the network have 100s of documented hours of fluoroscopic and ultrasound-guided procedure experience, and are able to demonstrate their competency of working with these imaging modalities. There is an actual pass/fail assessment and the organization does not advance those doctors that do not perform the procedures correctly. 

Then, these vetted and hand-picked physicians undergo extensive training onsite at the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation’s headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. This training can span over a year with several weeks of cumulative training. The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating physicians in precise image-guided musculoskeletal procedures.

The most important takeaway here is that you can trust your own care, or the care of a loved one, with a physician that has been thoroughly vetted and trained. Unfortunately, in the industry of Regenerative Medicine, the rigor around achieving exclusivity is not common outside of the Regenexx physician network. Today there are many choices for regenerative medicine that you may see in online ads or through other media, and it can be hard to know how to choose the right kind of treatment or the right physician for you. The best bet is to make sure you consider how and when the practitioner was trained. A red flag would be a group that excludes this information. 

From vetting to training to continuing education, here's why our physicians are the best at what they do.
At Regenexx at New Regeneration Orthopedics, our four physicians have received extensive Regenexx Network Training.


So far we have discussed how a Regenexx provider is vetted, and mentioned a bit about the rigors of the physician training program. In reality, the training is multi-factorial and never stops, no matter how tenured the physician. There are many layers to the Regenexx physician training.

  • Step 1: IOF Training Courses
    • The IOF courses mentioned above are the first step for a Regenexx physician to learn everything about the lab processing to the procedure techniques. 
  • Step 2: Initial Training
    • Part of the initial training process also requires mentorship from practicing Regenexx physicians. This includes many hours of observation. The benefit? Observing a huge volume of procedures helps new Regenexx physicians who have the premier technical skill continue to learn how and when to use which techniques. This type of mentorship helps teach new practitioners how to appropriately recommend procedures. For example, they learn when it’s best to treat a low back disc with bone marrow concentrate versus a low back ligament that may benefit from a platelet rich plasma injection, and which would make the patient achieve the best result.  
  • Step 3: Ongoing Training
    • Then, after all of this extensive initial training, the Regenexx provider network does not believe in resting on your laurels. In order to remain the most elite in the interventional orthopedics field and provide the best care possible to patients, Regenexx Network Physicians must stay current. Regenexx produces provides continuing medical education videos that are distributed to our doctors several times a month.

Regenexx Provider Training Video

To see everything we just reviewed in action, check out this video that explains the provider network training:

The bottom line? At Regenexx at New Regeneration Orthopedics, we aim to provide our clients with only the best non-surgical orthopedic alternatives. Each of our handpicked doctors is part of an elite group who has been personally trained by Regenexx.

About The Author
James Leiber, DO

James Leiber, DO

James Leiber, DO, is founder and medical director of Regenexx® at New Regeneration Orthopedics.
James Leiber, DO

James Leiber, DO

James Leiber, DO, is founder and medical director of Regenexx® at New Regeneration Orthopedics.

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