Regenexx Is Committed to Innovation.

Regenexx is built upon our commitment to research and innovation. We were the first to use bone marrow concentrate to treat orthopedic injuries, and we’ve published 44%* of all research worldwide in the area.

Regenexx® procedures have been studied extensively for more than a decade and our patients are part of the world’s largest database of an orthopedic patient population who were treated with bone marrow concentrate. We are the only interventional orthopedic providers with this volume of data to draw upon and to regularly summarize outcome data from our patient registry and make it available to the public.

Our Recently Published Bone Marrow Concentrate Safety Paper Is the Largest in the World

In 2016, Regenexx published the world’s largest (2,372 patients) bone marrow concentrate safety paper in any medical indication (not just orthopedics). This is the most in-depth analysis of safety available. In addition, it’s the longest follow-up period for a large group of patients where all complaints are reported. Finally, the data was collected at multiple treatment sites, and all complications that were considered significant were reviewed by a panel of five physicians and scientists who were not in any way affiliated with Regenexx (independent adjudication of SAEs).

We continue to explore new approaches and techniques in our dedicated research and development laboratory. Everything we do throughout our network of physicians is based on this research. We know what works, and we’ve refined our treatment protocols over more than a decade. No one else using regenerative medicine to treat orthopedic injuries can make a similar claim.

We make results from our outcomes database publicly available. Regenexx is the only orthopedic bone marrow concentrate network with this volume of data, and we are the only ones to regularly publish patient outcome data with complete transparency. We want to make what we’ve learned available to you so that you can make an informed decision about your best treatment option.

Beyond treating patients, Regenexx also develops new, ground-breaking medical technologies in the field of Interventional Orthopedics. We’ve filed a number of patents on our devices and biologic treatments. Our patents on theses underlying technologies set us apart. No one else is doing what we do.


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